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Voter Information

The purpose of this page is to provide potential voters with the information they need in order to participate in the democratic process. The content on this page has been compiled from various sources in order to assist you in casting your ballot successfully. Below you will find some links for resources to check your voter registration status, request ballots by mail, see demonstrations as to the equipment used in the election process, and other helpful information.

Additional Texas Voting Resources:

Texas Secretary of State

Ballot By Mail Request Information.


Certified Voting Systems in Texas.

Texas Voter ID

Are you registered to vote? Check here.

You may download and fill out a Federal Postcard for Absentee Ballots at the following website:

Federal Voting Assistance Program Website

Interactive Precinct Map

How to Use the Voting System
HART Intercivic Electronic Voting Demonstration
Verity Touch (English)
Verity Touch (Spanish)
Verity Touch with Access (English)
Verity Touch with Access (Spanish)

Up-To-Date Election Information