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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in the Courthouse would you...

obtain a marriage license? The County Clerk's office. Please visit their page for current fees.

obtain automobile, truck or motorcycle registration plates? The County Tax Assessor-Collector Office.

obtain a birth certificate? The County Clerk maintains records of birth.

obtain a voter registration certificate? The Elections Administration Office.

pay property taxes? The Tax Assessor-Collector Office.

obtain a death certificate? The County Clerk's office.

examine the will of a deceased person? The County Clerk's office.

record a deed or other legal instrument related to real estate? The County Clerk's office.

pay a traffic ticket issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety? Contact the office of the justice of the peace named on the citation.

visit an inmate in the county jail? Inquiries as to local regulations should be made in the Sheriff's Office.

obtain literature and information on agriculture and home economics topics? Your County Extension Office will be happy to furnish information on these subjects.

obtain information regarding voting matters? The Elections Administration Office.

obtain information or get forms regarding the hotel/motel occupancy tax? County Treasurer's Office.

file a small claim civil law suit? Justice of the Peace.

discuss the filing of a complaint for criminal misconduct? This should be discussed with either the County Attorney or District Attorney.

collect money owed to you by the county? All county bills when approved by the Commissioners' Court are paid by checks by the County Auditor.

discuss the values placed on property for county purposes? The appraisal review board.

institute an action to recover unpaid child support? The District Clerk's office.

go to get married? If a person desires to have a civil ceremony, any judge or magistrate is authorized by law to perform this task.

seek to evict a tenant who fails to pay his rent? Justice of the Peace.

report for jury duty? Report to the courtroom shown on the summons.

record a certificate to do business under an assumed name? The County Clerk's office.