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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does is cost to file a deed? Instruments filed in the official public records cost $21.00 for the first page and $4.00 for each page thereafter allowing 3 inches on the bottom of the last page for our file stamp. (Lack of this space requires an additional $4.00).

How do we get a marriage licenses? You must both be present (unless one person presents a notarized affidavit of absent applicant and that persons original ID), you must give proof of identification, i.e. a current driver's licenses, a certified copy of your birth certificate, or a passport. There is a 3 day waiting period, unless waived by a Judge, the licens is only good for 90 days after purchase, the cost is $77 in cash, unless you have completed an 8-hour premarital education course given by a certified instructor. If either of you have been divorced less than 30 days, we may not issue the license unless the District Judge waived the waiting period in the final divorce decree.

How do I register to vote? Please visit the Voter Registrar's office at 602 E Concho Street. You may fill out a voter registration application giving all the necessary information. The voter registration becomes effective 30 days after the day you apply. You may register to vote when you are age 17 years and 10 months.

How do I get a business license? An Assumed Name form is available in our office. The cost to file it is $19.00 and a copy for your bank will be an additional $1.00. You get your tax number from the State Comptroller's Office located in Corpus Christi. Marks and brands are $21.00.

Who sets the fees of your office? The State Legislature sets our fees every other year.

How can I pay for my misdemeanor fine? You may pay in the office with a money order. You may send a money order through the mail or you may contact our Collections Department at (361)790-0139 to make other arrangements.

How can I get an occupational driver's license? We have a letter that was prepared by our County Court at Law Judge; however, we do not furnish the forms necessary to the file the case. We recommend you contact an attorney for assistance.

How can I get a copy of my birth certificate?If you were born in Aransas County, we can issue a certified copy of your birth certificate from this office for $23, Cash Only.

How can I get a copy of a death certificate? If you are a qualified applicant, you will need to fill out an application, provide proper identification, and pay $21.00 for the certificate. If you need more than one death certificate, the cost would be $21.00 for the first one and $4.00 for each additional certified copy.

How do I probate a will? We recommend you contact an attorney. There are several ways to admit a will to probate and we are not licensed to advise you on the best way to proceed. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may contact Legal Aid at (800) 840-3379 to see if you qualify for their assistance. 

Is my DD214 safe filed in your office? The Legislature in 2003 made military discharge records confidential for 75 years. A person must meet qualified applicant standards to get a copy. You may still file your record for free and receive a certified copy for free, but rest assured your record will be safeguarded to the best of our ability. 
What are acceptable payment methods in your office? Cash (in person), Check (In State Only with Proper ID), or Money Order. Credit Card For Crimal Fines & Fees Only may be used, a $5.95 Convenience Fee will be charged by Official Payments.